Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY-Jigsaw Puzzle

My 2year old daughter is crazy about Dora.She wants everything of Dora- be it towel,toothpaste,sunglasses,bed sheets or her toys.Last month we got 2 30 pieces jigsaw puzzle for her.

These kept her busy the whole day.But it's been a month and these don't keep her busy for such long hour now.
So I got an idea.The box in which these were packed(it's no more usable as she tore it into few pieces)can be made into one puzzle.
I did exactly that.Took one small intact piece and cut it with my ordinary sewing scissor.

This is a small 8 piece puzzle.So this didn't keep her engaged for that long but atleast for half an hour she did come after me.
Nice way to keep todlers busy !

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