Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kurta and Dupatta

Here is my embroidery work on a Kurta and a matching Dupatta.
The stitches done on kurta are -buttonhole stitch,stem stitch and satin or long and short stitch(I am not sure of the name)
For the dupatta I have used shadow work or the herringbone stitch on the back side.

Full view of the kurta(embroidery work at bottom)

Closer view of the embroidery on the kurta.
Now the dupatta.Work has been done allover this 2 and a 1/2 mt clothe. View from right side.
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Closer view of the front side. Dupatta as it looks from the back(or wrong) side.Closer view of the stitch from back.

Monday, July 11, 2011

T-Shirt to toddler's pants with pockets

I have seen many tutorials on t-shirt to baby pants on others' blogs.Still I wanted to post one as this is my creation.All the patterns which I saw were without pockets but my daughter looks for pockets in all her dress.So I have put pockets as well.

I started by cutting the t-shirt for both the legs part.

The side stitched part of the t-shirt will be the side part of the pant and I wont have to sew it again.The curved cut has to be joined and it becomes the center stitched portion.

The triangle piece of cloth left after cutting the legs part was used to make the back pocket.I turned it up side down,i.e,the hem portion up and cut the piece in the size I wanted for the pocket.Tucked the side inwards and stitched over it.

For the front pockets,I cut the piece from one of the sleeves.I cut it slightly curved at the top.Then separated the two parts but cutting the small part which was still joined at the top and the stitched side was also cut.So I got two pieces as you can see in the pic.

Here again I used the folded or already hem part of the piece to be place at the opening of the pocket.I stitched the pocket very close to the side stitch of the pant.
Then I cut a strip of cloth for the elastic portion and stitched it with the pant,Put the elastic inside it and stitched over it again.

Front view of the complete pant.

View of the pant from back.
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