Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Satin flower

This flower was made by me using the following things.

a satin ribbon (seal both ends by putting it above the candle flame)

a needle

matching thread

matching or contrast kundan stone or beads(for the centre of the flower)

Here is the instruction on how this flower was made.

Start making the flower by making a bow shape with the ribbon.This photo shows the back side of the flower.

Completed flower front view.

Now take a needle and thread and put a stitch to hold in place the bows forming the flower.

Stitch a bead or stone in the center.
I have used a stone to put in the center of the flower.It has two holes as in buttons,so I could easily stitch it.In the whole process instead of stitching,it can be sticked using a hot glue gun.

Use of flower
I used this flower to make a label to be put on top of a gift.

I simply took one old card.Cut a square from the area where there were no prints and sticked the flower in one corner.You can write your name and stick this label on your gift.

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  1. Very simple and so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, and so nice to "meet" you!


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